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The Divine Comedy Essay Analysis


From the poem, The Divine Comedy, we can see that Dante is portrayed as heroin in many ways. Even though he is largely described as a weak individual, he portrays characters that are reminiscent of a hero from ancient Greek myth. He is not portrayed as a physically strong individual throughout his journey, instead, he is portrayed as a weakling through his affinity to faint during the course of his journey. He depicts a durable will-power to achieve his gals, far greater than the common man. This is a trait that all ancient Greek heroes such as Hercules and Thor wielded like an armor.

Dante is portrayed as a rather strong individual in terms of his character in his struggle and fight against sin. His journey is particularly important as his journey takes him through places where mortal beings have not traversed before.
Midway on our life’s journey, I found myself in dark woods, the right road lost (Alighieri and Ciardi Canto1:1-3)
Through this process, his psychological and physical traits are clearly brought out. His Purgatory shows all the psychological trials he endures while the demons in Hell pose a physical threat to him.

As a bull that breaks its chains just when the knife has struck its death-blow, cannot stand nor run but leaps from side to side with its last life- so danced the Minotaur and my shrewd Guide cried out: “Run now! While he is blind with rage! Into the pass, quick, and get over the side (Alighieri and Ciardi Inferno XII 22-27)
He faces a plight that is similar to almost every man, but virtue of his selection to undergo these trials and tribulations, he is elevated to a different pedestal, above any common man. This is depicted in the manner in which he gains heaven and returns to tell the story of his journey, elevating him to the position of guide for common humanity.

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