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Mere Christianity is a book by author C. S. Lewis who is best known for the series “Chronicles of Narnia.” Lewis was raised in Christianity but became an atheist at 15 years. The book got published in the year 1952. It analyzes Christianity and gives some of the author`s views on it. A Flick Through […]
By David Henry Hwang, M. Butterfly is a play about a relationship between Bernard Boursicot, a French diplomat, and an opera singer by the name Shi Pei Pu. The play was first presented in 1988 on Broadway and even won the best play Tony Award of that year. An Overview of the Plot First, we […]
As the play by Aristophanes begins, the reader is introduced to Lysistrata, who has organized a gathering involving all Greek Women with a plan of ending the Peloponnesian War. Lysistrata does not like how women display faintness in serious situations. Therefore, she intends to make women deny their spouse’s sex to facilitate the signing of […]
‘It’ is a horror novel by Stephen King, who is a well-known American author. It was first published in 1986. The story is about a town named Derryl that is haunted by an entity that terrorizes children by exploiting their phobias. It is considered one of the scariest stories written. A Look Through the Plot […]
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