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Summary of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson


It is on 27Th June where the sun breaks forth to illuminate a 300-resident American village to mark another annual and essential ritual day (Shirley 2). Children are the first category to arrive at the lottery square to gather stones while still playing. In earlier times especially when the villagers were many, the lottery event used to start terribly early, but in this village, they anticipate that it is over in the shortest time possible (Shirley 2). Adults start arriving while conversing amongst themselves on what they are anticipating during the summer season. However, there is a rumor spreading around about the nearby communities “giving up the lottery” but this does not concern the people (Shirley 4). Villagers have chosen Mr. Summers who is responsible for the preparing of lottery slips besides presiding over the annual event.

The lottery’s first-round entails each head of the family to do the picking, where Bill Hutchinson is unlucky when his slip turns out to be the one bearing a black spot. Hence, this implies the chosen family is his for the next round (Shirley 5). The next round encompasses each member of the family including the mere young Davy to pick with the assistance of the parents. Unfortunately, the chosen person this time was Hutchinson’s wife Tessie, who during the onset of the event arrived a bit late than others. In the last paragraphs, the entire crowd turns cruel contrary to the former as they surround Tessie intending to stone her to death (Shirley 7). This is according to the event’s tradition where the desperate moaning of Tessie was unable to stop fellow villagers from stoning her.

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