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hamlet, william shakespeare


Hamlet describes how a ghost dresses in one of the King Hamlets appears at night. Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude is withhis son, Hamlet, and her new husband by the name King Claudius. The King is uncle to Hamlet. Claudius comments on the Hamlet have prolonged grieving of his father’s death. The King connects the grieving with the ghost that has been taking the look of Hamlet’s father. Hamlet describes how the ghost has been appearing for the last two nights. As they are sharing with the three men who are described as Hamlets friends, the ghost appears again. One of Hamlets friends, Horatio tries to talk to the ghost but this never succeeds.
Hamlet together with his friends keeps waiting for the ghost to appear and as they are sharing the ghost appears. The ghost talks to Hamlet and gives him the secret being his father’s death. The ghost makes it clear that Hamlet’s father did not die from a snake bite as it had been confirmed, but from poison (Shakespeare, 2004, pp 21). The ghost went on to narrate the cause of Hamlet’s father by saying to Hamlet that it was his uncle, Claudius who murdered his father. The ghost tells Hamlet to revenge against his father’s death by killing his uncle.
As the ghost leaves Hamlet is determined to kill his uncle as revenge against his father’s death. Hamlet was to spare his mother because she was not directly involved with the death. The King’s daughter, Ophelia says that Hamlet told her of the appearance of the ghost. Both the King and the Queen come to a conclusion that Hamlet has gone insane. The King sends two of Hamlet’s friends to investigate on Hamlet’s sanity (Shakespeare, 2004, pp 21).
Opheria is also found to be stressed by the death of his father. Opheria later commits suicide by drowning an act that has been connected to the Hamlet’s behavior where he keeps on referring to ghosts. The Queen concludes that Hamlet is insane because he keeps on talking of ghosts but the Queen is unable to see them. Both the King and the Queen conclude that Hamlet was insane (Bloom, 2006).
In conclusion, Hamlet,s insanity is confirmed by Queen Gertrude because she could not see it. The ghost only appeared to Hamlet and his friends. The appearance of the ghost was a revelation to Hamlet on the death of his father which had remained a secret to him. The murder of Hamlet’s father by Claudius brought other miseries like the death of Opheria, and finally the death of the Queen when she tried to poison Hamlet.
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