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Hamlet by William Shakespeare


Client’s 22 October Hamlet was arguably the best tragedy written by William Shakespeare, the tragic hero in the tragedy is Hamletwho avenges the murder of his father by killing his uncle. Hamlet’s tragic flaw in the tragedy is hubris and indecision. This paper will shed more light upon a particular passage from the tragedy.
These lines were spoken by Hamlet in the tragedy, the tragic hero says that there is a play tonight which will be performed in front of his uncle and that play has a scene which properly depicts the murder of his father, Hamlet said that he would like to see the expression on the face of his uncle when that particular scene is being performed. Hamlet would know whether his uncle is guilty of murdering his father or not just by seeing his expressions.
These lines are very significant as the whole tragedy revolves around the death of Hamlet’s father or the king of Denmark and how Hamlet avenges his murder by killing his uncle who murdered his father.
To conclude it is very fair t say that some lines in a tragedy are very important and these lines are perhaps the most important lines in Hamlet, it gave Hamlet a good indication of the fact that his father was brutally murdered by his uncle, the indecision of Hamlet has also been well shown in the tragedy, he gets umpteen chances to murder his uncle but he keeps delaying and this is how the tragedy shapes up.

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