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Focalization in “Beowulf” and “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”


Focalization is a term used to describe a shift in the perspective of one character to another character especially in a literature scenario.

The Importance of Focalization in Beowulf

Focalization is really important in Beowulf through it; readers are able to understand stories like Queen Fremu, which in my opinion believe helps readers to shift their attention on Beowulf sweet and sour experiences while abroad. Therefore, I t plays a large role in assisting the audience to correspond in a similar manner to the characters of Fremu and Beowulf. In sum, the importance of focalization in Beowulf is that it helps in differentiating between narrators and narrative situations (Gwara 40).

The importance of Focalization in A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Focalization in A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is used to show the comparison between Discourses vs. Picture Time. Short stories, such as those of Garcia Marquez have to be very economic, and do not lend themselves to very much description. In his story” A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, Marquez describes the wings only as” huge buzzard wings, dirty and half plucked, were forever entangled in the mudd” (Marquez 218). This would be an interesting place where ‘picture time’ would save some time and give more explanation about the wings. If it was conventional, Marquez could insert a picture of these huge wings, and the reader would know more about them, and very little discourse time would be wasted as a lot of story time would be saved by inserting a picture.

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