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Compare and Contrast Emily and Miss Brill


The creation of the character of Emily and Miss Brill is done with great similarities as well as differences. The two characters were of old age and preferred isolation from society. However, their perception of people and society differed.

A similarity shared by both Emily and Miss Brill is that society has a mixed perception towards them. The societies are suspicious of both the two characters but at the time they value feel pity for their lonely nature. For instance, the death of Emily was perceived with great sorrow regardless of numerous occasions that the same people were suspicious of her way of life, “…when Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town when to the funeral…” (Faulkner, par 1).

The two characters also shared the fact that they never moved on from their past lives. They view society from the same angle as when they were young girls. Emily is still of the assumption that no man in the society is worth her love and care. This perception was acquired when she was a young woman.
At the end of the narrations, both Miss Brill and Emily are forced to face the truth. Miss Brill is angered by a young couple of her loneliness. Emily is forced to face the fact her society is good enough for her lifestyle.

One major difference between Emily and Brill is that different from Emily, Brill loves to be part of the society but not engage in conversations. Her sight to people makes her happy “…how she loved sitting here watching it all, it was like a play….” (Mansfield 4). Emily despises society and engages in numerous conversations with people. However, her interaction with society is faced with quarrels and confrontations.

From the facts presented in the article, one may point out that Emily and Brill share great similarities and differences in the way they perceive people and society. In addition, the reader is exposed to the qualities of old age presented in both negative and positive paradigms.

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