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"Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthome


Young Goodman Brown The story Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne is perhaps a very captivating story. The author talks about a young man by the name Goodman Brown, who is on a one night journey to a world of misery and evil forces. Hawthorne style of writing entailed a lot of imagery and symbolism experience. A good example, is his wife’s name Faith it symbolizes the Christianity faith of Goodman Brown, also the pink ribbons that are on Faith’s cap symbolize her innocence and girlishness since pink is mostly associated with small children (Hawthorne 14).
In the course of his journey through the forest, Goodman Brown discovers a lot of hidden secrets about the people of his village including his own lovely wife Faith that he didn’t know, which is, that her wife was also involved with the evil forces. Hawthorne tells about a community that majority of the people are trying to hide their evil nature by pretending to be religious people, and this educates people that they should think and look deeper into the souls of their community (Hawthorne 37).
The story is significantly meaningful in the sense that, a lot of people who Mr. Brown thought that they were decent in his village turned up to be evil, and still when I take a look at reality the same scenario still applies, a lot of people tend to project their good appearance but when it comes to reality they are very evil. Nathaniel Hawthorne can be viewed as unacknowledged legislator because his work speaks about the community and the issues that affect the community.
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