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William Shakespeare’s Othello Questions


Question 1

Emilia, Iago’s wife is on Desdemona’s side. She works hard throughout the play to redeem the name of her friend whom she had contributed in, albeit unknowingly, to her death. She engages Othello in an attempt to prove Desdemona’s innocence, “That she was false: O, she was heavenly true!” (2.8). she regrets stealing Desdemona’s handkerchief and strives to reveal her husband’s vile personality even when she knows that it would lead to her death. Emilia is not Iago’s accomplice. Like numerous other characters in the play, she is a victim of Iago’s plots. Emilia is a good wife to her husband and strives to support her in achieving his dream. She talks to Desdemona’s and expresses her willingness to support her husband progress his career, “Who would not make her husband a cuckold to make him a monarch? I should venture purgatory fort” (4.3). Unfortunately, Iago is a vile man who takes advantage of Emilia’s loyalty.

Question 2

Othello is a compassionate man who leads with integrity. As a skilled warrior, Othello is brave but equally compassionate. He analyses issues from how they are likely to affect other characters in the play. He is honest and always strives to achieve honesty. He demands honesty from those around him including his wife. Such a personality makes him both vulnerable and highly gullible. Iago, for example, takes advantage of such a personality thereby falsely accusing Othello’s wife of infidelity. In his naivety, Othello mistreats his honest and loving wife without carrying out any thorough investigation. This shows that Othello lacks the courage and mental strength to deal with failures and betrayals. He does not, therefore, consider the plight of his loyal wife.

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