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Trifles Questions and Answers


1. How did you react to the style of the poet?
Since this is an older story, the style felt a little d. On the other hand, it is written like its a play. That makes it a lot different to read than most stories. There is almost no description except what the characters say. The style of each character as he or she spoke did a good job of making them sound like real people who were not all written by a single author, so that was very well done. It really made it sound like listening to a conversation more than reading a story.

2. What do you think the literary artist was trying to accomplish with this work?
This is another story that really makes the reader think about how women and men relate to each other. The men in the story basically treat women like they are nothing, and do not think they can do anything. When they are looking around the farmhouse the men put them down a lot by saying they are looking at nothing important. But they are the ones who find the murder evidence, so the story sort of argues against that idea.

3. Mrs. Hale’s decision.
Mrs. Hale’s decision is complicated. On one hand, it is basically illegal and hides something that might have been murder evidence. On the other hand, since men treat women so poorly, it seems almost like the murder was possibly a reasonable reaction to being dominated that way for so long. It feels like Mrs. Hale decides that she was already responsible for the murder because she ignored her friend for so long in an unhappy marriage. So her decision to hide the murder as well as her way of helping her friend at last, even if it is illegal.

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