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“The Tempest”, “Waiting for Godot” and “Billy Budd” | Essay Comparison



Discussion of how the abuse of power is presented in the texts.
The first paragraph will entail a summary of The Tempest, with a perception of Prospero and his magic power. The character of his wits and mission to take revenge uses his power to gain the same (Shakespeare and Horne 8).
Waiting for Godot will give a preview into the exploitation of power by Godot over Vladimir and Estragon, who patiently wait for him to appear. They seem desperate to meet Godot, and that is why they spend a lot of time in wait (Beckett 10). Billy Budd is a crew of a ship who undergoes the death penalty on misuse of power by one of the captains; Vere (Melville, Hayford and Sealts 8).


The section will elaborate on a similar approach to power in a vertical integration manner; master and slave model. It should explain the use of power in the tempest (Shakespeare and Horne 11), Waiting for Godot (Beckett 12) and in Bill Budd (Melville, Hayford and Sealts 23). An elaboration of the members that have the authority and how they have usurped power against the lesser members in the play forms the basis of discussion.


Based on the variations of power the main characters in power poses will be elaborated. Prospero has magical powers and uses it for revenge (Shakespeare and Horne 12). On the other hand, Bill is convicted to die by Captain Vere in a misuse of power (Melville, Hayford and Sealts 20). The two plays predispose different kinds of power. Unique of the two plays is waiting for Godot, who lets Vladimir and Estragon wait in vain (Beckett 12).


The final section will be concluding a statement about Prospero and his mission in using power to achieve revenge. Waiting for Godot ends with Vladimir and Estragon not meeting Godot hence exploitation of power. Bill dies uttering the words God bless captain Vere, who also dies uttering the names, Bill Budd. All in reference to the dramatic usurp of power.

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