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“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin | Analysis


How do you think the story will change if the setting in “The Story of an Hour” were changed to modern-day Calgary, Alberta?
Women of the 1800s generally lived in societies that were sexist by nature so that this situation may be supposed to have reflected upon the old character Calgary, Alberta was. Most opportunities in and out of industry employed men for a variety of jobs, leaving their female counterparts to perform limited functions and often, to keep a family-centered domestic life that attended merely to husbands and children. The life of Mrs. Mallard in Chopin’s work turns out to be an embodiment of a typical woman in the late 19th century who struggled to be freed of the evils of social inequality in the form of gender discrimination, oppression, unwanted confinement, few choices, as well as moral and physical abuse.

At present, nevertheless, men and women of the modern-day Calgary, Alberta, are equally opportune with respect to education and career. If Mrs. Mallard were alive under this societal setting, then, she would most probably refrain from considering impractical decisions for she could be projected to have higher hopes and courage to empower herself beyond her domestic role and the inferiority complex attached herewith. By this time, she could have been the kind of woman who attains relief from pretense in her thoughts and actions, having had an experience of the world filled with flexible alternatives and where gender differences are settled via enthusiastic movements designed to advance women’s rights and welfare. Mrs. Mallard would no longer suffer a great deal of secretly fighting for her independence against male superiority that tends to subject women like her to various severities of living quite far from the desired reality of gentle treatment and pleasant romantic affairs.

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