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The Necklace Short Summary


The story of “The Necklace” is about a woman who wants to be very rich and pushes her husband to provide her with clothes so she will appear to be more fashionable than she really is. I felt some nervousness for her as she asked all these things and made her husband sacrifice money to make her feel better. When she borrowed the necklace, I was happy for her that she could attend the ball looking fancy and nice, but it also seemed that she was living a false life for the evening. The story shows how her desire to appear rich led to her living a life that is very opposite to this.

She seemed to be the antagonist of the story because she was forcing her husband to make sacrifices to satisfy her material desires. I felt bad for the husband and his hardships, most of all when he ended up borrowing money and spending his entire inheritance in order to help buy a new necklace to replace the lost one. I believe the lesson of the story was to show that greed can ruin your life and that you should be happy with the things that you have.

The woman lived one night of extravagant life, but she suffered for many years afterward because of a small mistake. She was not careful and the night became incredibly costly to her and her husband. The way she aged quickly and went from a simple life to a life of hard work showed great punishment for her greed. The worst part of all was the ending, where she found that she did not need to buy a new necklace. The fact that the old necklace was fake is perhaps a symbol of how a rich and extravagant lifestyle is also empty. Overall, it means that there is a great cost to trying to appear rich and little cost to accepting a simple life.

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