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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight al Affiliation Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Question one Planning of the trick was a mere lack forthe two planners, whether Gawain would accept the challenge was uncertain. The two were hence aware of the characteristics of Gawain and knew that his situation will prompt him to accept the challenge. Morgan le Fay and the Green knight trick were planned based on the full knowledge of Gawain nature. They were aware that he would do anything just to protect his reputation. In the end Gawain, accept the challenge meaning Green Knight and the old woman knew the outcome of the trick. Gawains main concern at that time was whether it would be a success, but the naïve nature of Gawain made it is for the trick to being executed.
Question two
Gawain acceptance of the green belt indicates his naive nature. At the time of the acceptance, his mind was focused on the forthcoming challenge to the green Knight. The battle with the Knight prevents him from returning the green silk belt. His acceptance also indicates his gullible nature. Two forces drive his choice to believe in the talisman, the first force being certainty of the future. The battle with the Knight had an uncertain future. Thus, Gawain considered in anything that could guarantee his life. The second aspect indicates how he was prompt to trickery and deception; this is driven by his naïve nature and failure to make informed choices. The kisses by the woman of the house were enough to gain the trust of Gawain. It was much easier for him to be tricked without raising suspicion.

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