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Role Of Violence In Romeo And Juliet Films


What is the role of violence in the films? How is violence portrayed? Are the violent scenes necessary? Why?

Despite the significant differences that can be seen in each of the film versions of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, all the films accurately depict aspects of love and human tendencies, one of which is violence. The role of the violence in these films is to depict human nature as it is in the real world and show a sense of hope and rebirth[Sta01].
In the films, violence is portrayed over issues of love and injustice. The image of violence is portrayed as unfair, overpowering and universal through humankind. This is seen clearly in the deaths of many characters included in the cast of the films. The tragic deaths are brought about by the violence that originates from the love of Romeo and Juliet. Their love comes to a dreadful end in Juliet’s tomb because of violence. Romeo’s friend also dies. Here, violence is portrayed as an unfair and very powerful aspect of the human species throughout the world[Rob12]
The violent scenes are necessary to clearly bring out the cruel, powerful and unfair face of violence. Without the violent scenes, the audience cannot get to understand the real image of violence. Violence is necessary to show aspects of human nature and to differentiate between love and war or violence.

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