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Plot Structure Analysis of Frankenstein


1. Plot Structure Analysis of Frankenstein Protagonist- Victor Frankenstein

2. Plot Line-Walton sends letters home, Victor studies natural science, he creates the monster, the monster flees and victor dies (Shelley, 2010).

3. Inciting Incident- The conflict starts when Walton explains to Victor how his quest for knowledge is the most crucial aspect of his life. Victor realizes that Walton will suffer his fate; thus, decides to open up to Walton (Shelley, 2010).

4. Mid-Point-Victor is motivated to start his research to create a monster. After Victor completes his creation work, Shelley (2010) writes that the monster runs away to De Lacey’s family. The monster becomes lonely as the society and his creator reject him.

5. Climax- The point of the highest emotional intensity in the story is when Elizabeth is murdered on her bridal night. The monster kills Elizabeth, and Victor does not discover the monster’s trick in time (Shelley, 2010). The horrific death creates a major mark in this narrative. It is interesting how the monster visits De Lacey’s home and converses with the blind old man. The monster becomes angry after the old man’s daughter and son beat him, and it is at this point that the monster swears to revenge on humanity (Shelley, 2010).

6. Coda or Twist- Victor creates the monster. His own creation kills Elizabeth.

7. Theme Line- The theme lines in the narrative revolve around the secrecy of Victor’s conception of Science, Victor’s pursuit of knowledge beyond human ability, atrocity as portrayed by the monster and the texts that tell of Victor and William’s life (Shelley, 2010).

8. Truth Value- Victor is punished for his quest to create humanity.

9. The truth value explanation-after creating the monster, Victor fears it, and even flees away from it. The monster then seeks to have its own life. In the end, it kills victor’s brother (Shelley, 2010). Victor pays for this creation.

Shelley, M. (2010). Frankenstein. London: Evans Brothers.

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