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This is a book by Douglas A. Blackmon that aims at revealing that slavery continues despite it being common knowledge that it ended during the civil war. Blackmon takes closer focus on the Southern US and the lease system for convicts, which still provides black labor despite the outlaw of slavery. He analyses the history […]
The is a novel of Gustave Flaubert about a marriage that turns into a tragedy. The story begins with a young boy named Charles Bovary experiencing trouble in school. He goes through much ridicule from the other students. He grows into a young man who is dull and also mediocre. He flunks his exam and […]
The story begins when Tyler Durden is holding a gun in the mouth of the narrator on top of a building. It is at this point that the narrator has a flashback of how things got to this point. He was an office worker but was unsatisfied with the type of life he was living. […]
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