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Atlas Shrugged is written by author Ayn Rand. The story is about events during an unspecified future time. The Plot Overview It starts with doom and fear. The world is in danger. The government oppresses the people, and the economy is collapsing. Two businesspeople might be able to help the economic situation. Dagny Taggart and […]
Clay comes home one day to find cassette tapes. When he plays them, he discovers they are from Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide. Hannah Baker instructs Clay to give the 13 people mentioned their tapes. If the chain is broken, another incriminating tape is going to be released. Here Is a Brief Overview […]
The story is written by Chinua Achebe and gives the details of the rise and fall of Okonkwo, the main protagonist. Additionally, the reader gets to learn about the culture of the Igbo people of Nigeria. Read more below. A Complete Plot Overview of the Story Most of the events in the novel take place […]
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