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This is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, the French author. He completed it in 1844, and it got published in a series between 1844 and 1846. Dumas is also known for his Three Musketeers novel. This story is set in Italy, France, and also on some Mediterranean islands. It is the tale of Edmond Dantes […]
Song of Solomon is a novel by Toni Morrison. It was published in 1977 and won some awards. It tells the story of Macon, who is an African American man living in the US in Michigan. It shows his life from birth until he gets to adulthood. Macon lives in Michigan, nicknamed ‘Milkman’ because he […]
Sense and Sensibility is a spectacular book authored by Jane Austen. The novel narrates the tale of the Dashwood sisters. The narrative commences with Henry Dashwood’ demise, thereby leaving Henry’s whole estate to the first wife’s son. The second partner, together with the Dashwood sisters, is left with nothing. The late Mr. Dashwood’s second wife […]
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