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Stylistic devices used in the Iliad In the epic poem Iliad Homer applies two main stylistic devices, which will be discussed below: epithets and apostrophe that will be analyzed on the example of the character of Aias. Speaking about epithets, it is essential to mention that these stylistic devices can be called “favorite” tools of […]
Hamlet was a great tragedy written by William Shakespeare, the tragedy was also made into a film after a lot of editing. The film has the same theme as the tragedy but there are some major differences between the two. The film according to me is better because all the characters come alive in the […]
1) The passage is in iambic pentameter. The stress is on the second syllable, and there are five stresses per line. Repetition is used with the word “mouth”: “meet the bear I’th’mouth” (Act 3, sc.4, 11) “Is it not as this mouth should tear this hand” (15). The mouth is a metaphor for aggression, and […]
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