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Oedipus the King


Oedipus the King Dramatic irony is a literacy technique commonly used by play The techniques involve revealing something to the audience without the knowledge of the actors. In the play Oedipus the king, Sophocles uses several dramatic ironies. This paper explores instances of dramatic irony in the play.
It is ironic that Oedipus seeks to bring to justice the murderers of his farther while he is the very criminal that he searches. Before embarking on the long journey, he says, “I believe in justice and punishment of wrongdoers” (Sophocles, 1. 8). This makes him to seek justice at the expense of his life. Oedipus is determined to pursue the murderers of his father. In the course of pursuing the guilty, Oedipus identity was revealed. His identity reveals that he was the very criminal that he sought after and as the cause of the pandemic. The writer builds a dramatic irony on Oedipus contemplations concerning justice and authority. The writer explains, “oedipus believed that with the help of the gods he would find success or ruins” (Sophocles, 2. 15).
Another dramatic irony presented in the play involves Oedipus desire to do right. Upon hearing the rumor, Oedipus leaves Corinth to avoid doing harm to his parents (Polybus and Merope) (Sophocles 37). On the road to Thebes, Oedipus is involved in a conflict with his biological father (Laius). This conflicts leads to Laius death and the misfortunes that followed Oedipus. This portrays Oedipus desire to do right in spite of his misfortunes. Oedipus was also a religious man and a firm believer of superstitions. Despite his attempt to exercise justice to the murderers of his father, Oedipus does not recognize the boundary between fate and free will. It is ironic that Oedipus tried to do good deeds despite being entangled by evils. Indeed, Oedipus does not visualize his intentions of being a righteous person.
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