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Oedipus Post & Response


Part Oedipus Rex Play The character that I relate most with in the play is Jocasta who is the wife of Oedipus. She is very courageous by the fact that she is not afraid to confront the King, Creon and the choir leader. She order them to go back to their rooms and tells courageously tells them to stop bickering and to focus on the current state of affairs of which they should find solutions. She is ready to pursue peace at all cost and therefore she plays the role of a mediator between Creon and Oedipus. She is a very inquisitive person who wants to know all that had transpired in her absence. Jocasta always make reference to the gods which indicates her firm believe in them and the need to respect oaths that are made to the gods is emphasized in her speech when she tells the king to respect the oath that her brother Creon had made to the gods. She commands a lot of respect from the king which is a clear indication that she is a very reliable person who has self respect.
Part 2
Response for student postings
Student post 1
Teiresias is indeed a fearless character who is not afraid to confront the king and to let out all that is in his heart. However, he portrays a lot of arrogance in his speech and he does not accord the king the respect that he deserves. I think as much as I believe in the strength to speak out, it is important not to hurt the feelings of other people and to give them the respect that they deserve.
Student post 2
Creon demonstrates a submissive character in the manner in which he addresses King Oedipus. Despite being wrongfully accused, he still remains very calm and composed even as he seeks to clarify and to defend himself before the king. Despite being closely related to the king, he respect his full authority as clearly stated on this post
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