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Novel Analysis: The Awakening by Kate Chopin


From the life of Edna Pontellier, different men of varying characters are created. Firstly, Leonce Pontellier is depicted as a family man. He is Edna’s husband and occasionally depicted as caring and concerned about the life of his family (Chopin 46). He realizes that Edna has a problem as she sacrifices the comfort of the family setting to improve her mental condition. Robert Lebrun is depicted as a lover and only concerned by his well-being. After realizing the difficulties in his relationship with Edna he flees (Chopin 108). However, they share a romantic relationship. He only returns after realizing Edna is living away from her family. Alcee Arobin is described as a lover and seduces married women (Chopin 192). The pressure in developing healthy relationships with both her husband and Robert influences Edna’s decision to commit suicide.

The major similarity between the essay, A Room of One’s Own and the novel The Awakening is the social depiction of the role of the woman. Woolf asserts that a woman should strive to balance between her personal life, professional responsibilities as well as her role in the family. In addition, Woolf insists on the need to develop other responsibilities away from the family setting. The recommendation would help Edna cope with her life’s challenges.
The location of the novel improves the reader’s perception of the characters. The social perception of Edna, Alcee Robin, and Robert Lebrun enables the reader to depict the nature of the relationship that may develop. The location makes it relevant to create events such as the exile of Robert to Mexico and Edna suicide at the Gulf of Mexico (Chopin 108).
The novel has numerous qualities of romance. The main romance quality is described in the relationship between Edna and Robert. However, the relationship between Edna and Leonce does not qualify as romance.

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