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lord of the flies


Hao Lin Wonizak English 110 05 Oct Myer, Michael Grosven. Annotated Bibliography “A suggested reference in Lord of the Flies.” Notes & Queries(1993 Academic Search Complete. Sunday 5 Oct 2014.
The article expounds on the main character of main role. Such characters are Ralph, Jack, and Simon, of which all of them represent diverse characters. For instance, Ralph is representative of order, civilization, and productive leadership in the novel. While other boys are playing, having fun, and avoiding work, Jack is seen as an emissary of savagery, violence, and the desire for power against Ralph.
This article is a book review of Lord of the flies, which comprises analysis of major characters. These characters will show their true colors when they are desperate of survival. The article will remain useful in the topic of discussion, which is about human nature. I choose this article since it will provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the character traits of every character, which will further illuminate their humanistic value.
Bloom, Harold. William Goldings Lord of the Flies. New York: Blooms Literary Criticism, 2010. Internet resource.
The author focuses on the flow, plot, and complexity of the novel. He notes that the book is more complicated, clearly illustrating how humanistic theorists and critics object the idea of humanism making it appears non-conceivable. He further expounds the suffering men have undergone in the presence of gender specific trends and society clubbed with masculinity. There is an intensive transformation of human nature in great efforts to express self. The resource will be a critical tool in expounding the statements put across by the human nature critics to support their arguments.
The book remains a significance tool of research, since it has a detailed discussion of the critics of the human nature with reference to Lord of the flies. It will help in analysis of the criticism raised by different scholars.

Erin M. Frank. “”Lord of the Flies” digital commons (2014).P2-25. Academic Search Complete. Sunday 5 Oct 2014.
The article summarizes and criticizes the Lord of Flies from many perceptions. Furthermore, it expounds on some value point on humanitarian, educational, reality aspect. The author also shares his opinion in character, landscape and plot. For some reason, the author supports William’s opinion in his novel Lord of Flies.
This chapter states, “It introduces students to the affairs of leadership, ethical behavior, resourcefulness, and innocence vs. experience. Moreover, Lord of the Flies is a fascinating literary work, which undoubtedly elicits productive discussion. For both its literary and humanistic value, the novel has significant merit in secondary education environments.”
Byron, Chris. “A Critique of Sean Sayers Marxian Theory of Human Nature” philosophy & Society. (2014). Academic Search Complete. Sunday 5 Oct 2014.
The article is an important resource that I cannot do without in that it does dig out comprehensively all the characters revealing their identity and nature. It further tries to incorporate their characters with the real life situation, especially in a school setting. The article will go a long way in making expositions on human nature with its close link to bullying.
This talk about human nature from philosophical view, which “humans are capable of making or shaping their own nature to some extent ,making ones own life ones object, ones life becoming an object of capital.” The point of the Marxian theory shows that people are selfish to achieve their goal. It is related to my topic on the account that makes a comparison of the Marxist theory at a human level.

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