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Lord of the flies


Analysis of the Lord of the flies’ novel In my opinion, the novel s how it is difficult to maintain a democracy.Piggy and Ralph thought that it would be easy to bring the other boys together and make them elect a leader so that they could pool together the available resources and therefore survive while they seek for help to escape from the island. This succeeds in bringing together the boys and at first they are able to exist peacefully (Golding, 19). The only problem that exists is that there is no person who is enforces the roles that they have been assigned. If this had been done, the boys would have been rescued when a ship passed further along in the horizon. The fire could have also been controlled and would not have spread, this caused some of the boys to run off and disappear in the forest.My suggestion for the boys is that there would be job rotation, whereby nobody should be allowed to be too comfortable in the role that they have been assigned. There should also be consequences for the boys who do not fulfill their allocated duties. These rules should be agreed upon by all the boys so that they understand them and feel the need to abide to them.It is important for all of the boys to understand that they all need to work together so that they can survive this ordeal. There should be no competition between them as this will make them lose focus in regards to what is important to them, which is to maintain the fire so that it can be seen by any passing ship. They should also take notice of what is happening around them as this is important in ensuring both their survival and their rescue.
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