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One of the most important themes of the play Oedipus the King is responsibility. Oedipus is a responsible human being. He is a responsible king, a responsible son and a responsible father. In the capacity of the king, Oedipus takes every possible step to get his town rid of the plague. Although Teiresias had warned […]

Othello: Iago Analysis Essay

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On July 23, 2019
Iago is a psychopath because of his persistent aggressive, negligent, rebellious and spontaneous behavior,which make him unable to form normal relationships with others in the society. He embraces the worst levels of evil plotting and has the attitude that, like God, he can shape events in the society. The misguided trust that people have towards […]
Hamlet 2000 is the modernistic depiction ical legendary novel by William Shakespeare. The antiquated story is filmed and brought to screen by inculcating the modern technology for the new age viewers. Filmed in New York, the refurbished version shows mobile phones, sky scrapers, and cars. Ghost (King Hamlet) communicates with Hamlet via fax machines, closed […]
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