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Frankenstein Summary


In this novel, Frankenstein, the character reflects many of Prometheus themes. The new perspective of the novel is hard to come by, the psychoanalytical criticism and the clear impact of science fiction in the novel do not clearly describe the scientific activity, much the scientific context. The early history as depicted from this novel considers science to be dominant and the current awareness of scientific discoveries and innovations spread altering popular understanding. The historical development of science as indicated in the novel has an approach to the future tracing its origin to the evolutionary theory. The novel indicates that politics had the most irresponsible impact. The novel also shows the contradiction between religion and the scientific obsession on the current matters. The religion myth has had a great impact on people’s beliefs and attitudes towards future science relations.

The revolution of the science as depicted in this novel has shown greater progress since the science fiction and the religious perspective have changed to a greater mile. The local historical context has constituted everyday experience and has literarily attempted to represent and shape realities that are always contingent and changing. The science fiction in this novel is popular because it resonates with all the fundamental dimensions in the human mind and human experience. Civilization does not actually stop learning science fiction, and the more independence individuals become from the politics of religion and science fiction the more people become interested in knowing more about science fiction. In the novel civilization is believed to be crushing human nature, degenerates individuals into a state of agitation. But it’s a little harder to determine its’ future since humans have learned to push back against civilization which will have a greater impact in the future.

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