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Frankenstein: Plot Overview


Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelley about a young boy Victor Frankenstein intrigued by science. Victor becomes a scientist creates a deadly monster. The monster’s eerie looks appall Frankenstein, and he rejects it. The monster swears revenge, killing Victor’s brother, his friend Henry and his newlywed wife (Shelley 14). Victor’s father dies because of the Monster’s action. Victor vows to avenge the monster and chases it northwards. On his way, northward Robert Walton saves him at sea after a tragic accident. They struck a unique bond and victor narrates his story to Robert. Unfortunately, Victor Frankenstein does not make it to the North Pole. Robert narrates the story to his sister through letters. The monster learns of his creator’s death, filled with guilt and remorse, he secludes himself on a lonely Island to die. The protagonists in this science-fiction drama are; Robert Walton, Victor Frankenstein and the monster (Shelley 34).

The similarities between Frankenstein and the monster are indeed evident in every aspect of their lives. Both the monster and Victor are misfits in society. Victor secludes himself from the world to perform his experiments, which he cannot conduct in public. The monster he creates tries to fit in the society but his shunned away because of his hideous looks. Victor had no ill intention while creating the monster. It is curiosity and the determination to prove to the world his mastery of science that leads him to generate deadly creatures that he later abandons. Victor evolves from an innocent man to disheartened, confused and resentful scientist. The monster Victor creates also exudes similar characteristics, upon his creation; the monster is innocent and kind-hearted he even saves a drowning girl (Shelley 54). However, the society just like his creator Frankenstein judges him by his grotesque physique and rejects him. The monster turns into a vicious animal on a killing spree to get his creator’s attention. Both Frankenstein and the monster are revengeful, the monster murders Frankenstein’s wife to pay back Victor for refusing to create him a wife to save him from loneliness (Shelley 76). Frankenstein saddened by the death of his wife decides to hunt down the monster and revenge.

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