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Classical Mythology


The Value of The Odyssey for OSU freshmen The Odyssey by Homer has practical value and relevance for allits readers, including OSU freshmen. They are represented by the main hero – Odysseus. His value for OSU freshmen has several aspects, namely, he has a clear goal and realizes that achieving the main objective requires certain efforts. In addition, Odyssey is ready to various difficulties that arise on his way home and always trying to find a way out.
Odysseus has his main purpose: he wants to return home (5 148-149). Like Odysseus, all OSU freshmen have or should have their primary purpose (to get a degree, have new friends, etc.). The main goal of Odysseus makes him perform a variety of actions that allow him to return home. In particular, he is not scared by the need to build a raft, because for him it is an opportunity to return home (5 151). OSU freshmen also have to perform a variety of effective actions to achieve their goals.
Finally, Odysseus is always looking for a way out of difficult situations. Even in desperate situations, he does not lose hope. For example, he has invented a Trojan horse that allowed the Greeks to win the long war against the Trojans, while the Greeks did not hope that they could defeat the Trojans (4.360). In addition, during the journey after the Trojan War, Odysseus tricked and then killed the Cyclops (9.516). Similar to Odysseus, OSU freshmen should always be prepared for difficult situations and look for a way out of them.
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