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Character Analysis of Cora and Alice in “The Last Mohicans”



They have created two female characters in the novel; Cora and Alice. Both the female characters lead a powerful role in the main storyline of the novel. It is interesting to observe how these sisters are alike in various aspects and how they differ from one another in personality. Besides being sisters, Cora and Alice immensely love and respect each other. Both female characters hold a strong position in the storyline. They both possess determination and strong motivation throughout the novel. Cora being an elder sister is more caring towards Alice as her younger sister. They share the same blood in them. Both of the female characters have been shown as beautiful ladies with wisdom and knowledge.

Along with similarities, both of them are quite different in many ways. Cora has been portrayed as a strong woman; on the other hand, Alice has been portrayed as a typical light-hearted and weak figure. Cora is capable of hiding her emotions and weaknesses but Alice is a lady with deep emotions. It is hard for Alice to hide her tears and emotions, unlike her sister. Cora is like a protective shield for her weak sister. Cora plays a significant role in making real contributions to her surroundings.

Alice has been portrayed as Cora’s younger sister who loves and respects her elder one with all her heart. She has appeared a typical fragile woman with emotions. She is not as powerful, strong and confident as her sister. Her innocence and purity of the heart may captivate the heart of the reader, but still, she cannot be compared with the grace of her sister.


The female characters in James Fenimore Cooper novel, The last of the Mohican possess the most intriguing role in the storyline. Cora being unsure of her identity and role in the society shows high determination to find her individuality; on the other hand, Alice has been portrayed as a younger sister who is dependent on the courage and determination of her sister. The two of them share deep bonding, love, and respect for one another, despite their differences.

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