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Beowulf in a Post 9/11 World | Analysis


In ‘Beowulf’, the last lines hint at the destruction of the Anglo- Saxon civilization and yes, in American culture, we do have many such before and after moments that impacted upon us and helped to change its history. Some of these include- before and after the abolition of slavery, before and after the Civil War and the one that has left an indelible scar on American history, the recent 9/11 happenings that occurred on September 11th, 2001.

The chief premise of this paper would be to try and investigate the before and after incidents of 9/11 and get deep insight as to how it changed the course of American history. One of the main issues before 9/11 was that bombs and terrorism did not seem to exist for America, but the terrorism and bombing brought on by the 9/11 was a cruel shock to them. Secondly, traveling to and fro to the United States was reasonably much easier than it is today because every person was looked upon as a peace-loving citizen. However, nowadays getting a visa to go to the U.S seems like a far- fetched dream because of the tight scrutiny by security personnel. People from other countries can no longer be trusted about their intentions of entering the continent. As a result, air travel was reduced by 20% whereas going by road became more popular but increased the number of accidents.

Before the 9/11 America made great progress in the fields of science, technology, business, and commerce, but the shattering of the twin towers with so much of loss to life and property seems to have contributed to a great setback in many areas and they are yet to come to terms with it. Other changes in the world include Global warming, changing of laws and regimes and even major changes in people’s perspectives. Therefore, we could say that the bizarre attack triggered by 9/11 had a great impact on America and the rest of the world and served to change the world because it was more of a collapse of human civilization.

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