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The Epic of Gilgamesh and Odyssey are some of the renowned epic stories that have been read across the globe. The epic of Gilgamesh features Gilgamesh, who has more powers than the mortal human beings because two-thirds of his were considered divine, leaving only a third of him being as human. On the other hand, […]
Hamlet 2000 is the modernistic depiction ical legendary novel by William Shakespeare. The antiquated story is filmed and brought to screen by inculcating the modern technology for the new age viewers. Filmed in New York, the refurbished version shows mobile phones, sky scrapers, and cars. Ghost (King Hamlet) communicates with Hamlet via fax machines, closed […]

Paradise Lost Short Essay

In Free Essays
On July 23, 2019
Milton’s Paradise Lost tells us about the mistakes made by Adam and Eve and how the Satan manages to hoodwink them into eating the forbidden fruit. This paper will shed more light upon this classic text. Satan is undoubtedly the star of Paradise Lost because Adam and Eve taste the forbidden apple and the Satan […]
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