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Analysis of ‘The Lottery’ by Shirley Jackson


Jackson has used various techniques and symbols in the story “The Lottery” to create suspense. Readers will be explicitly unaware of the motive of the story as the author has revealed the true purpose of the story when Tessie’s head is stoned. This has been possible for the author as he introduced to various elements of the lottery. In simpler words, it can be said that the discussion revolving around the lottery took away the attention of the readers that helped in creating suspense in the story.

The reader might stay involved in understanding the origin of the lottery and the manner in which it is conducted. However, the results or the reward of the lottery remains untold throughout the story. Another technique that was used by the author to represent suspense in the novel is intensifying expressions. This is obvious from the time when the lottery ritual began. The author explained that the individuals who were present at the time of the lottery ceremony were getting anxious and nervous. This gives an idea to the reader that there is something awry about the lottery (Jackson).
In addition, the readers are informed that the people affirmed remembrance for the stones. This gave the idea that there is something spooky related to the aspect of stones and remembrance. At the end of the story when Tessie is attacked with stones, the readers get to experience a powerful message and conclusion of the story. Thus, the intensification of expressions and keeping the curiosity in the story made it easier for the author to create suspense in the story.

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