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A Rose for Emily by Donald Akers: Article Analysis


A Rose for Emily by Donald Akers is an article analyzing various approaches that can apply to narrate a story. Thus, the writer discusses various styles, with a special emphasis on what each of the approaches entails.

Gothic horror is one approach that a writer can apply to tell a story. While applying this approach, a writer creates scenes and events that elicit fear and frighten the readers (Akers, 20). To bring these feelings out, the writer narrates scenes with dark houses and characters that are extremely evil (Akers, 21). Thus, this approach to storytelling creates anxiety and emotional disturbance, due to its composition of twisted and mysterious occurrences (Akers, 21). Under this approach, the writer combines sexual immorality and death, which occurs in a dramatic fashion.

Psychology is another approach to telling a story, where a writer shapes his/her story in a manner that portrays the psychological instability of certain characters to the reader (Akers, 21). This approach is used to show the reader reasons why characters behave or react in a certain way. This approach entails the writer including scenes that portray a character as disturbed, emotionally and psychologically traumatized (Akers, 21).

The article also discusses the approach of meditation on time. This approach entails the writer applying a transition of events in the form of a confused chronological order that eventually gives a true sequence of events in a story (Akers, 22). The approach of meditation on time applies an unusual order of time, where the story runs back and forth, creating gaps in the mind of the reader that can only be filled in after reading the whole story (Akers, 22).
In conclusion, mediation of time is the most useful approach in interpreting the story, due to its presentation of scenes in sequences that can only be interpreted after reading the whole story.

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